Thankful for Non-Traditions

I think about food all the time.  I ponder.  I daydream.  I plan and strategize.  For a person such as myself, Thanksgiving is the decathlon of holidays.  I train for this event in little ways throughout the year to prepare for the big day.  I bake bread, cakes, and pies – inevitably covering the kitchen and myself with a “light dusting” of flour.  I sear, sauté, braise, roast, mince, and chop – sometimes suffering minor cuts and burns.  It all happens in the name of flavor, so I slap on a bandage and keep moving.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving would be spent with family, but this year, Scott and I (and our dogs) will be celebrating with two very dear friends (and their dogs).Luckily, our friends are on par with us in terms of our foodie sensibilities.  Like us, they love to experiment, take chances, and push themselves culinarily.

So, the other night, over a few glasses of wine, the four of us began our Thanksgiving ruminations.  Since our house is not an option for hosting such a feast (it’s a long, painful story involving wood floor refinishing) we decided upon dinner at Pat and Holly’s house.

I usually make dessert when the four of us get together, so it was pretty clear what my assignment would be and I gladly accepted.  I also agreed to a first course – I’m thinking soup.  The main course would fall in the hands of the hosts for the evening, and word on the street is Beef Wellington, which, oddly enough, I’ve never eaten.

I plan to document (to the best of my ability) this year’s non-traditional Thanksgiving.  I promise to include all the fumbles, falls, and successes along the way. First stop, dessert…

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my name is sara and i'm a lover of food, a home cook, and an everyday gourmet. i'm willing to try anything and share with you my stumbles and victories. swing by and take a peek.

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