Back of the House

This blog, in its inception, wasn’t meant to include design, fashion, or home improvement.  However, the latter happened to take place within my kitchen, and as a result, a post was born!

(The swinging door on the left blocks the view a bit.)

When we purchased this house in 2008, the kitchen was outfitted with a nook of sorts.  A step up to what could only be considered as, the tiniest of stages.  When I first saw it, I thought, “What a cute place to sit and have coffee in the morning or breakfast on Sundays!”  What I didn’t know then was how infrequently this nook would be utilized.  I’m sure there is a space much like this in all of our homes – an area destined for good intentions, but instead, becomes “lost,” with no sensible function.  This nook of ours held one of my prized pieces of furniture.  A vintage red and white Benjamin Crysteel spring-leaf table I’ve had for years.  But instead sitting at this table and enjoying our bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning, we ended up using it as either a storage space for my collection of All-Clad pans, or a landing pad for our recyclables. Not cool.

So, over the course of 2011, we talked seriously about what we might want to do with our little stage in the kitchen. Having a breakfast nook was of no interest to either one of us andI knew for sure I wanted more counter space and storage.  The wheels in Scott’s head immediately started spinning.  He was going to build for me a prep table.  He was creating, planning, and sketching, all in his head.  He asked me questions regarding wood preference for the frame and what sort of top I’d want.  How high do I want it?  How many shelves?  Should it fill the space or just be another small counter top addition to our kitchen?

Before I knew it, demo day had arrived. 

With the stage on its last legs, Scott began how he usually begins before building things.  He measured, measured again, and measured a few more times.  Then, one day he showed me this:

It was a computer-designed rendition of my future prep table!  He seriously amazes me sometimes!  What I was looking at on his computer was exactly what my table was going to look like, complete with the stainless steel top.  I was so excited!  Over the course of several weeks, our garaged morphed into a woodworking studio, and he made many trips to the lumber yard and home improvement stores.  Things were coming together as he made some final measurements and found an amazing stainless steel shop here in Omaha called Hempel Sheet Metal.  They generally do large industrial or commercial jobs, but seemed excited to help Scott with the final puzzle piece.  Sure enough, in less than a week and for only $35/square foot, we had our stainless steel top!

Assembling it with just the two of us was really tough, as the table was custom-made to slide right into the space. 

So, simply moving it out of the way wasn’t an option.  There was a lot of crawling through to the other side and acts of contortion taking place in order to put it together. 

(Couldn’t you just crawl into the bottom bunk and take a nap?)

And from that, we go to this:

There it is.  It’s beautiful, right?  I love it so much.  By having this incredible prep table in our kitchen, our counter space increased by 86% and I have so much more storage!  This once neglected nook is now a fully-functioning work space.  Now I can spread out, make a huge mess, and with a quick flick of a cloth, it’s clean! 

This prep table is the best thing to happen to my favorite room in the house since I bought my KitchenAid stand mixer. 

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