Oscar Night 2012 (In photos)

We have a semi-weekly tradition with some friends of ours that goes something like this: we gather at their house; eat a lovely dinner, which they have prepared; bend our elbows; and treat ourselves to a dessert prepared by yours truly.  This sort of activity usually revolves around watching whatever HBO drama we’re currently obsessed with; however, getting together to eat, drink, and be merry is reason enough for us!

In addition to this routine, we also make a point to spend Oscar night together.  We keep it simple with tapas-style finger foods to allow for maximum Oscar-viewing.  This year was no exception.  Despite my heavy class load this semester, I made room in my agenda for cooking – seeing as how this was a special occasion.

On the menu:

Courtesy of Pat and Holly:

Salmon tartare with crème fraiche and chives, barbequed chicken wings, and crudité with homemade blue cheese dip. 

From my kitchen:

Spicy cheddar cheese straws, lamb meatballs with tzatziki, cucumber/dill/tomato/red onion salad, and a French chocolate tart. 

A rundown of what I made (in pictures) –

These were so incredible.  And so easy. 

It was sort of like a cross between a cake and a brownie.  Chocolate is the answer to all of life’s problems.

The trick with lamb meatballs is to evenly brown them and finish them in the oven – there is less chance of them drying out this way.

We had a great time, the food was delicious, and a bottle of Prosecco topped off the evening.  Who needs the Oscars when we have great company?

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my name is sara and i'm a lover of food, a home cook, and an everyday gourmet. i'm willing to try anything and share with you my stumbles and victories. swing by and take a peek.

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