Tuesday Night & Sunday Brunch at Lot 2

Tuesday night, Scott and I made a date with Lot 2 Restaurant and Wine Bar.  I was so excited for its opening, and I just had to try it.  

The decor is just what I like.  Simple, not too fussy, clean lines, dark wood, cozy light.

We started with drinks and first course.  We ordered the roasted bone marrow, which came with a small parsley salad, pickled red onions, and toasted baguette slices.  It was rich, luscious, and just what I would have expected.  Definitely a must try.  We also ordered the chile lime shrimp.  Aside from being a little messy, the shell-on shrimp had a subtle heat that was just enough without being overly hot. 

For our entrees, Scott ordered (and I sampled) what was probably the best bangers and mash either of us have had this side of the Atlantic.  Oh my my.  So delicious.  Some entrees (this one included) are offered in a whole or half portion.  Scott ordered the half, which was enough, but I think he likely order the full portion next time.

  I ordered one of their two flatbreads – Stilton, bacon, and mushroom.  The flatbread itself was wonderfully light and crispy with a great flavor.  But paired with the richness of the Stilton, smokey flavor of the bacon, and earthy bite of the mushrooms put it over the top.  Just perfect.

Overall, our first (of many) experiences at Lot 2 was delightful.  I am excited and happy to see so many great people doing so many awesome things in Benson.  This will most definitely become one of my favorite places to dine.  Well done!

Last night, while eating dinner, Scott and I ruminated about what we were going to do for Sunday breakfast.  Usually, I scramble some eggs, throw in whatever herbs I have on hand, and toss some bacon in the oven.  But last night (after our lovely dinner on Tuesday) we decided we wanted to check out Lot 2 for brunch.  So, around 7:30pm, I called Lot 2, fully expecting they wouldn’t have space for us on their first Sunday brunch service.  To our delight, they had a table open at 10:00am (their opening time).

Under a cloudy sky and light rain, we arrived at Lot 2 promptly at our reserved time (we were the first guests).  We started a pot of French Press coffee, along with two Mimosas.  I really wanted a Bloody Mary, but in order to do that, I’ll have to make reservations for after the noon hour.  The coffee was perfect for an overcast day – it reminded me how much I love the flavor of French Press.

Scott ordered the hash, which had chorizo, potatoes, onions, eggs, salsa, feta, and pickled jalapenos and it was served alongside a small stack of flour tortillas.  The chorizo had a lovely spicy flavor and was perfectly paired with the rest of the ingredients.

I ordered the L2 Eggs Benny, which as you might imagine, could be your average plate of Eggs Benedict.  Oh no, not this plate.  Yes, poached eggs were involved, but there was also a lovely layer of goat cheese and pancetta under the eggs, and all was covered in a creamy Bearnaise sauce.  The tarragon in the sauce mixed incredibly well with the goat cheese.

While we were there, the restaurant filled up quite quickly and it looked as though they were expecting a few big tables later in the morning.  The service was great, the music was good, and there was a sense of excitement in the air.  I can’t wait to go back (and try a Bloody Mary!)

If you’re going, definitely try to make a reservation, but also know that you can sit at the bar and enjoy your brunch, cup of French Press, and Mimosa.  Viva Lot 2!


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