One Scoop At A Time – Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream

Wow, you guys.  I am shocked at how long it has been since I’ve posted anything!  I’m super sorry!  I guess I was enjoying my summer off a little too much and time got away from me!

Scott and I went to Florida a couple of weeks ago in order to celebrate our marriage with his side of the family.  We spent time on the beach, in the pool, walking around, eating tons of seafood, and generally enjoying ourselves.  When we returned, we welcomed a new member to our furry family: Truman.

Yeah, he’s totally cute, right?  Well, you can imagine that having a puppy around (with an injured arm) can be quite a handful.  You’d be right!  Not only that, but I’ve also started classes again.  I love the campus in the fall, it’s so beautiful and fresh and new!  I am taking quite a few classes, but I’ll do my best to maintain the blog!  Bear with me.

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One Lovely Blog Award!

I was lucky enough to be nominated by Sweet Little Thang for the “One Lovely Blog” Award!  I feel so honored, given that my blog is new(ish) and there are so many beautiful blogs out there!  So, thank you!!

Here are the rules:

1.    Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
2.    Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
3.    Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire or are inspired by.
4.    Contact your nominees to let them know and link back to them.

Okay, here goes:

1.    I am a newlywed (June 2, 2012)!
2.    I could eat an entire jar of dill pickles in one sitting.
3.    My all-time favorite show is Seinfeld, and I’m sure I could recite pretty much any episode.
4.    I’ve never been to New York City.
5.    I used to live in Paris.
6.    My mother has the most beautiful name, Vivian.
7.    I would love to have a scooter someday.

Blogs I admire or am inspired by:

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Tarte Au Citron et Aux Amandes (Lemon and Almond Tart)

As the saying goes, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”  Now, I would never claim to have the culinary skills of the venerable Julia Child, but hey, I can imitate, and that’s good enough for me.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Sara, we’ve already seen Julie and Julia, we don’t need to read about your misadventures in cookery.”  But hear me out.  I promise I won’t take you down a self-reflective road of discovery on my way to inner peace; I just want to tell you what I did last weekend.  That’s all.

My very good friends, Sarah and Matthew, are part of a roaming pot-luck group and it was their turn to host last Sunday.  Sarah is a food writer for our local paper and also maintains a blog.  She pointed out to me that Julia Child’s 100th birthday is on August 15th, and she wanted to have a celebratory pot-luck in honor of her; all items were to come from Julia’s own cookbooks.  I thought it was a fabulous idea, and I was instantly rolling recipes around in my head in preparation for the Big Night.

All the makings of a perfect tart crust.

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