Cake Walk

Always with the cake, right?  You’re thinking, “Geez, Sara, do you only bake cakes??  Can’t/won’t you do anything else??”  Of course I will.  But right now, I want to bake cakes.  Lots of them.  All the time.  I want to have a bake sale every day at my house.  Maybe even a cake walk, sort of like musical chairs.  Yes!  That is what I want.

Okay, so the cake you see above is one of two that I made in the same week.  No joke.  It is a brown sugar bundt cake with diced pears (and apples, if you want).  Oh boy.  It was gooood.

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Most of the Time

“Most of the time…I can handle whatever I stumble upon.”

This song by Bob Dylan came on my iTunes this morning as I was drinking my coffee, alone, in my living room.  I know it’s about a breakup, but that one line really hit home with me. Usually, I can handle whatever comes my way; I can juggle several tasks with ease.  But lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m juggling entirely too many sharp objects.  I just can’t manage to find my rhythm.  Forgive me.

I’ve felt a distinct sense of guilt lately for not posting much on this blog.  The fall semester crept up on me when I wasn’t looking and I fell into reading two novels within the first month of classes.  I have been cooking and musing, believe me.  I have.  And I’ve been taking photos, as well.  I just haven’t placed any of it on the blog.  Here goes, in short form:

I made “shelf” dill pickles, in which I filled the jars with cucumbers, various herbs and spices, and topped them off with the vinegar/water/salt/sugar solution.  At that point, I kept them open (covered with cheese cloth) on the shelf of our pantry for 4 days.  Now, they’re sealed up and in the fridge.

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