Too Busy To Cook??

Yes…it’s true.  The past two weeks have been two of the busiest weeks so far this year.  School is really throwing down and it seems like just when I have it all under control, my classes knock me down again.  Oh, and I should mention our furnace died earlier this week and it’s winter in the midwest.  Stressed!  Fear not, though, as a new furnace is being installed at this very moment!

My sincere apologies to all of you dear and devoted readers.  You are out there, right?

I have only made a few things worth sharing in the last two weeks – ramen and some lovely snacks I brought to an Oscar party.

The ramen:


Now, this dish was no easy feat.  Just ask David Chang, as it was his recipe I followed.  I’m absolutely loving my Momofuku Cookbook and I’ve been trying to make at least one thing from it every week.  The ramen broth was quite an ordeal.  I had to order five pounds of pork bones from the butcher and then wait.  And wait.  After about five days, I got the call that they were ready.  I had all the other necessary ingredients: kombu, dried shiitake mushrooms, scallions, chicken legs, smoky bacon, onion, and carrots.  I couldn’t wait.  Into the oven went the pork bones!





Just let me tell you, after all was said and done, after all the roasting, simmering, and waiting – the flavor of the broth was divine.  I wish I could hug David Chang and thank him for bringing something so amazing into my life.

I didn’t make my own noodles, but I will at some point.  I just purchase frozen noodles from the Asian market, and I think they were fine.  To the ramen I added slow-roasted pork belly, radish sprouts, scallions, cilantro, a few slices of fish cake, and a slow-poached egg.  SO.  GOOD.

The Oscar party:

Each year for the Oscars we get together with our dear friends, Pat and Holly.  We make food that is easy to eat in front of the television – you know, cocktail party food.  This year, they make turkey meatballs, bruschetta with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and arugula, shrimp cocktail, and a lovely celery, tomato, and mozzarella salad.  My contribution was as follows:  arugula, pear, and blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto, balsamic and maple roasted strawberries on puff pastry with lemon goat cheese, and sea salt chocolate popcorn.




Forgive me again for the lag in posting.  And forgive me for not including a recipe in this post!  I promise I’ll include one next time!  With that, enjoy your weekend and happy cooking!


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