The Wine List (Thanksgiving Edition Part 2)

Thanksgiving has to be one of my most favorite holidays.  Even though it was a week ago, I’m still dreaming of the sausage stuffing made by my friend, Holly.  The delicious smell of roasted fingerling potatoes and Brussels sprouts with garlic and rosemary still lingers in my kitchen.  The turkey…oh, the turkey!  Pieced out and slow-roasted to a golden brown – pure heaven!  We also enjoyed a boozy version of cranberry relish spiked with vodka and Grand Mariner, and a lovely kale caesar salad that has become a specialty of my friend, Pat.


The table was set with my great grandmother’s china.


Golden and delicious dinner rolls, made by yours truly.


The turkey, pieced out and ready for roasting.  I kept it simple with olive oil, lots of kosher salt and black pepper.  


Apple pie in lieu of pumpkin and I’m fine with that.

We took the advice of my friend, Alex Adkins when it came to the wine.  You might remember him from my previous post regarding pairing wines with Thanksgiving dinner.  Here they are in the order in which we sampled them – each are distributed by Quail, and can be found in local retail outlets.


2012 Cave de Cleebourg Gewurztraminer, Alsace, France (~$16)


2012 Il Cuore ‘The Heart’ Chardonnay, Mendocino County, USA (~$15)


2011 Dupeuble Beaujolais, imported by Kermit Lynch (~$15)

Alex could not have been more right in his pairing suggestions!  We did, in fact, begin with a bottle of Prosecco; it paired wonderfully with the chicken liver mousse, as well as the caramelized onion and shallot dip I prepared for pre-dinner snacking.  We went ahead and tried a Gewürztraminer with the apps as well, and boy howdy! was it delicious!  It was crisp and bright, slightly sweet, and even a little bit effervescent, if I might say.  It cut the fat of the mousse and the dip in a remarkable way, and didn’t leave a cloying sweetness behind in its wake.  We thought it transitioned well from our bit of bubbly Prosecco.

For dinner we tried a Chardonnay, as well as the Beaujolais, and found that they were both excellent partners to the veggies and proteins on our plates.  My husband described the Chardonnay as having a “hi-hat crispness” and I felt it was bright and sharp in the most gentle way possible.  It was buttery, but not heavy, with just the right amount of acid to counter the turkey and gravy.

The Beaujolais had to be my favorite of the wines, but that might be because I enjoy red wine during the cold weather months.  This particular Beaujolais comes to us via Kermit Lynch, one of the preeminent wine gurus/importers of our time.  It is a lush, fruity wine, that was neither too light, nor too heavy to pair with the turkey, roasted potatoes, and the delightful sausage stuffing crowding our dinner plates.

Special thanks again to Alex for suggesting wine pairings for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I hope all of you had a lovely holiday spent with friends and family…stuffing yourself and being thankful.

Alex will return in future posts, so if you have any wine-related questions, be sure to ask them here and together, he and I will address your inquiries!

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