Tart Cherry and Rhubarb Fruit Leather

A friend of mine requested that I “do something with rhubarb” for one of my next blog posts.  I asked her what I thought was a reasonable question, “What, do you mean like a cobbler or a crisp?  Something like that?”  By the look on her face, I knew I was way off.  She wantedContinue reading “Tart Cherry and Rhubarb Fruit Leather”

Summer on the deck – Strawberry Honey Sorbet

I love strawberries.  When I think of summer, I always get excited at the different ways I can incorporate this amazing fruit into my menus.  The summer is when they taste best; sweet, juicy, and just a little tart.  The summer is the season when I try to make more fruit-centric desserts – it justContinue reading “Summer on the deck – Strawberry Honey Sorbet”