The Wine List (Thanksgiving Edition Part 2)

Thanksgiving has to be one of my most favorite holidays.  Even though it was a week ago, I’m still dreaming of the sausage stuffing made by my friend, Holly.  The delicious smell of roasted fingerling potatoes and Brussels sprouts with garlic and rosemary still lingers in my kitchen.  The turkey…oh, the turkey!  Pieced out andContinue reading “The Wine List (Thanksgiving Edition Part 2)”

The Wine List: Thanksgiving Edition

I’m a list-maker.  Phew, I said it.  It’s out there.  I feel so much better now.  Yes, I make lists.  I come from a long line of list-makers.  My mother makes lists, my grandmother makes lists, my aunts make them…you get it.  Lists are in our blood.  Before I knew it, I was addicted toContinue reading “The Wine List: Thanksgiving Edition”

Step Out of the Bottle and Into the Box

Okay, so when I think of boxed wine, a specific episode of Seinfeld  (my favorite show) always comes to mind.  It’s the one where Jerry is dating a woman with a fabulous toy collection, but she won’t allow him to play with it.  His solution: feed her turkey and serve glass after glass of redContinue reading “Step Out of the Bottle and Into the Box”