Chicken under a brick. (Taken with Instagram)


Every summer, the thing I look forward to almost more than anything is gardening.  We have three lovely raised garden boxes in our back yard that Scott built with his own two hands.  They live in the sunniest section of the yard, right up along the fence line.

The newest addition.

We get through the cold Nebraska winters by planning our garden.  What works one year, might not work the next, so it’s never an easy decision.  However, we always have these staples: tomatoes, jalapeños, and a variety of herbs ranging from cilantro and sweet basil, to chocolate mint and thyme.

Despite our rotating selections over the years, I’ve always wished I could step out into the back yard, walk a few feet to a tree, and pluck a fresh peach, apricot, lime, or lemon from the branches.  These sorts of fruit trees just don’t do well in Eastern Nebraska.  Our winters are harsh and our summers are short, two things that don’t bode well for delicate fruit.

That’s where the farmers market comes in.

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Feeling better. (Taken with Instagram)

My morning. (Taken with Instagram)

Mid-meow. (Taken with Instagram)


The absolutely stunning photographs from our recent wedding.  Oh, love…

Ladies’ Night

On Friday, I was invited to a friend’s house for Ladies’ Night.  Every now and again, she graciously opens her lovely home to a great group of creative and interesting Omaha women.  Scott and I had just returned from San Francisco late Thursday night, but I knew I didn’t want to miss out on the gathering the next day.  And, as you might guess, I didn’t want to arrive empty-handed.  Yes, I could have just shown up with a bottle of wine, but I wanted to do a little something extra.

Room temperature egg whites are needed for a soft meringue. 

Ice cold butter, ice cold vodka (or water) is essential to a flaky pie dough.

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