Oscar Night 2012 (In photos)

We have a semi-weekly tradition with some friends of ours that goes something like this: we gather at their house; eat a lovely dinner, which they have prepared; bend our elbows; and treat ourselves to a dessert prepared by yours truly.  This sort of activity usually revolves around watching whatever HBO drama we’re currently obsessedContinue reading “Oscar Night 2012 (In photos)”

Easy As Pie (or Tart)

There are a number of vegetables that can most usually be found hanging out in our refrigerator here at home.  At any given time, you will probably find broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, celery, carrots, and brussels sprouts.  With these vegetables, come the usual preparations: roasting, rolling in prosciutto, sauteing in bacon fat, etc.  Yes, those areContinue reading “Easy As Pie (or Tart)”

Beer and Bread

Ever since I started taking food and cooking seriously (about 8 years ago) I have always tried to adapt recipes to suit me or whatever ingredients I happened to have on hand.  I would scour cookbooks (old and new), browse blog after blog, and question interrogate friends, family member, and sometimes strangers, in order toContinue reading “Beer and Bread”

Back of the House

This blog, in its inception, wasn’t meant to include design, fashion, or home improvement.  However, the latter happened to take place within my kitchen, and as a result, a post was born! (The swinging door on the left blocks the view a bit.) When we purchased this house in 2008, the kitchen was outfitted withContinue reading “Back of the House”